It is stated in UK Law that it is illegal to sexually harass anyone in the workplace No-one goes to work to be abused, harassed or discriminated against because of their gender. No -one should wake up,anxious in the morning worried if the boss is going to have a crafty grope again today. It is not acceptable for employers or your collegues to abuse you, by making crude, suggestive, sexual or derogatory remarks or innuendo.

Crucially, it is how you deal with Sexual Harassment that makes the difference and how you as an employer eradicate the degrading behaviour in the workplace.

This website looks at the current laws on discrimination and harassment, and also gives brief information on other discrimination acts which may affect you.

The main aim is to provide information on two levels:

  1. If you are currently being sexually harassed what you can personally do about it, and what rights you have as support.
  2. What your responsibilities  are as an employer and how you can improve the conditions by preventing and/or responding to the situation.